5 directions for Jey and Jimmy Uso following their reunification on WWE SmackDown

Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns
Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns

Jimmy Uso returned to WWE SmackDown this week after more than a year away from the ring. The Usos are finally back together on the Blue brand. The two of them re-united in the opening segment of the show, but it's not clear now, where they stand with each other.

There are several possible storylines for Jey and Jimmy Uso now. The two brothers have not wrestled together in the same ring in more than a year, and things have changed.

Neither of them is in the same place they were when they were last competing together. Thus, they can do anything now, and their future remains uncertain. The next few weeks will reveal how WWE chose to book them.

The following are five possible directions for Jey and Jimmy Uso on WWE SmackDown.

#5 Jey and Jimmy Uso feud among themselves

The Usos have not worked together in the ring for a very long time. Jimmy Uso's injury put him out of action for a long time.

While he was gone, Jey Uso underwent a transformation. He went from being a powerful star with a voice of his own to becoming Roman Reigns' lackey. Reigns broke Jey again and again until he brought him under his control. For Jey, at the time, it was easier to join Reigns than to stand against him. So that's exactly what he did.

However, Jimmy Uso is still the same strong individual as before. He already acknowledged that Jey was no longer the same person. Now, he may try to help his cousin, but given Jey's current condition, he may not accept.

That could lead to a feud between the two brothers, which would see a split between The Usos before they eventually reunite. Jimmy Uso deserves a singles run as well, given that Jey got one while he was away.

#4 Jey and Jimmy Uso break away from Roman Reigns to challenge for the tag titles

Jey and Jimmy Uso have always been a tag team. They are, in fact, one of the best tag teams in the world. While last year, Jey Uso had no other option but to explore a singles career, The Usos as a whole are a tag team that WWE can't afford to let go of.

Already, The New Day has been split up, with only Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods remaining. The tag team division in WWE needs some support, and The Usos would be a brilliant team to bolster the division.

Jimmy Uso could try to convince his brother to break away from Roman Reigns and then pursue the tag team titles. If they stay with Reigns, then they would be too busy fighting the battles of the Universal Champion to focus on their own goals.

All goals would fall second to his. However, this could be a good opportunity for WWE to break The Usos away from Reigns, and bring them back to doing what they do best.

#3 Jey and Jimmy Uso start a feud with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

Last year, during Jimmy Uso's absence when Jey was feuding with Roman Reigns, one of the things that he lacked the most was the support of his brother. Reigns overwhelmed him and used cheap underhanded tactics to get exactly what he wanted — the submission of Jey.

There's a ready-made storyline waiting right there. Jimmy Uso was not happy during this week's episode of SmackDown, and the potential for conflict was built into the storyline. As a result of that, Jimmy could help his brother find the confidence that he had lost previously, and break away from Reigns to start a feud with him again.

Reigns has not made many friends, but in Jey Uso, he has built a follower. Other than a misplaced sense of loyalty, there's very little keeping Jey with him. The feud between the family members would be one of the better storylines that WWE could book.

Both Jimmy and Jey are more than capable in the ring to hold their own against Reigns. This could also see Seth Rollins join Reigns and a partial reunion of the Shield take place, as both stars look to take on their common enemies.

#2 Jimmy Uso joins his brother and Roman Reigns completely

Whatever conflict Jimmy Uso had with his brother and Roman Reigns could not be addressed in the main event of SmackDown. Before Jimmy could answer Reigns and decide what his next step was, they were all attacked by a common enemy in Cesaro.

The Swiss Cyborg has made himself a nuisance in the life of Reigns. He is now set to challenge the superstar for the Universal title at WWE WrestleMania Backlash.

In Cesaro, Jimmy Uso might have found common ground with Roman Reigns. So joining Reigns and his brother until the superstar is dealt with might be the next step for him.

Once he joins Reigns, there's a chance that Jimmy Uso will fall into the same pattern as his brother and be unable to break away from the Universal Champion. The Bloodline could thus become one of the most powerful factions currently in WWE.

Whether that's the next step or not remains to be seen, but it's unlikely that Jimmy Uso will leave Reigns or his brother while Cesaro remains a threat.

#1 Jimmy Uso betrays Jey Uso and joins Roman Reigns

Jimmy Uso has been sitting on the sidelines for a long time now, watching his brother live the sort of life he wanted. He got a singles run, and although he failed, he has proven that he's a capable main event star.

Jimmy Uso might not have taken that completely well.

At the same time, Roman Reigns is not too happy with Jey. The latter has failed many times when Reigns needed him, and as a result, he has been harsh on the superstar.

As a result, there could be a storyline where Jimmy Uso betrays his brother by taking his place in Roman Reigns' faction. This could lead to Jey Uso being kicked out of the faction and turning face yet again. He would then feud with Jimmy and Roman Reigns, leading to several more interesting storylines.

Jimmy Uso is still seen as somewhat of a face by the fans, and this could be a shocking turn that no one saw coming. It would help build Jimmy's credibility while allowing Jey to do more than be a lackey.

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