5 Directions for Mandy Rose in NXT 

Greg Bush

#4 Mandy Rose mentors Gigi Dolin

We saw Mandy Rose come out for Gigi Dolin's match with Sarray. Dolin lost the match after a few brutal dropkicks on the ropes and an exploder suplex from Sarray, at which point Rose left the area.

It seemed that Mandy Rose was scouting the talent, but for what reason? Is she just here to plant her flag on the black and gold brand? Or is there something else in mind?

There's a ton of new talent in NXT right now, especially in the women's division. Alongside Sarray and Gigi, we've got Franky Monet, Zoey Stark, Zayda Ramier, Cora Jade, and Elektra Lopez. While Sarray, Monet, and Stark seem to already have their paths lined up, the others are without direction.

What if Rose is in NXT to form her own group or at least mentor one of the up-and-comers? Kind of like what happened with her and Sonya Deville, who were brought to the main roster with Paige for Absolution. It would give Rose a chance to pay that forward while giving Gigi Dolin her own sense of direction on the brand.

#3 Mandy Rose convinces Dakota Kai to turn on Raquel González

We're clearly on the road to Dakota Kai turning on Raquel González sooner rather than later. The NXT Women's Champion has been a force to be reckoned with and has vowed to take on all challengers. However, some could claim she's been ducking Dakota Kai, and the Captain of Team Kick's face said it all on Tuesday night.

Fans have been expecting it for some time, but WWE has done a great job of delaying this story as long as possible. So what should be the catalyst to push Dakota Kai overboard? Or should I say who?

Mandy Rose has been on the wrong end of betrayal before. She can see it coming from a mile away. Maybe she notices Dakota Kai's frustrations and pushes her along in the right direction.

Rose knows all to well what jealousy can do to a friendship, but it would be an interesting change of pace to see her at the opposite end of the story this time around.

Edited by Alan John
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