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5 dream matches that might never happen

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WWE has given us so much to cheer about over the years. From the ever-entertaining Royal Rumbles to the brutal structure of the elimination chamber, the innovative approach of WWE is commendable.

The greatest thing about WWE is how they deliver what a fan wants, how they book superstars and how they emphasise on what fans love to see. Over the years, the WWE universe has been fortunate to witness some of the unforgettable moments. Some of those moments were watching dream matches that came true, some high-octane stunts, some mind-boggling returns and the list goes on and on.

Talking about dream matches, there have been some gigantic clashes that we rarely thought to happen in reality. Clashes that we only thought were possible in video games but Vince McMahon who is a bona fide legend never fails to mesmerise us.

From Shawm Michaels’s career-threatening match against the Undertaker at Wrestle Mania to John Cena's monumental single encounter against the Rock, dream matches are special owing to the fact that these matches were always what WWE universe wished for.

When dream matches are being talked about, there are a few bouts that will be considered under the aforementioned bracket but might never take place in reality. Here we present 5 dream clashes that might never happen in WWE

#5 Brock Lesnar vs Batista

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There have been few men as dominant as Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate has demolished everyone in his path and there have been many one-way tickets to Suplex City over the years. While Brock Lesnar’s dominant display has fascinated WWE universe, there once used to be a powerhouse, an animal who unleashed on every opponent, displacing them with ease and his name is none other than Batista. 

WWE missed out big time by not letting Batista and Brock go head to head inside the squared circle. The beast vs. the animal is surely WrestleMania’s main event material and would've blown the roof off.

WWE did tease with this idea upon Batista's return in 2013 however with Daniel Bryan being the hot favourite in those days, all other plans were put to bed.

But with Batista now focussed on Hollywood and Brock being UFC bound, it seems this tie will just be a dream.

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