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5 epic storylines that could be used to end John Cena's career

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How would WWE conclude the career of one of their greatest wrestlers?

The nature of John Cena's relationship with the WWE Universe is conflicting, either Cena's fans love for his awe-inspiring moral code, or they loathe him for his transition from a foul-mouthed badass to a cheesy character.

While WWE could’ve handled Cena’s rise to the pinnacle of the company much better by utilising smart booking strategies rather than consistently pushing him down the fans throats, they have to be commended for creating a worldwide star in a post attitude era.

The word more apt to describe Cena’s role in the company is “megastar,” and that title has been earned through highest merchandise sales, selling out arenas across the world and being a perfect global ambassador for the company.

Therefore, it would not be inaccurate to assume that everytime Cena steps through that curtain, business is about to pick up.

However, with the worldwide fame Cena has gained over the years, WWE knew that one day their brightest star would have to retire from in-ring competition, and that prediction is proving to be true, as Cena has become a part-time superstar in the company.

With WWE trying tirelessly to get another superstar to fill Cena’s role, it is safe to say that no other wrestler right now can eclipse the name, Cena.

Still, when the day does come when Cena finally lays his wrestling career to rest, how will his legendary tenure as a WWE wrestler conclude?

#1 Destroyed, damaged and demolished

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Cena going out on his back putting over the next big thing would surely be appreciated

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Cena, Finn Balor vs. Cena, Braun Srowman vs. Cena was all dream programmes given away on television in an uneventful manner.

WWE has been running through Cena's dream matches more times than Micheal Cole yells “THE BIG DOG.”

However, those unusual decisions have valid reasoning behind it, and that is the fact that Cena is transitioning from a WWE megastar to a Hollywood superstar.

Moreover, the fact of the matter remains, the more successful Cena’s acting career becomes, the more time he spends away from the company.

The day will come when Cena cant juggle both and has to step away from the world of professional wrestling.

Therefore, that day should see Cena left brutalized in the ring by a new hungry star that can benefit from Cena’s star rub.

With the introduction of NXT in the world of WWE, the company has a plethora wrestlers who have worked their entire career’s to make it to Vince McMahon's empire, and the majority of those stars are waiting for that moment to break the glass ceiling.

Superstars such as Balor, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Roode and even Andrade “Cien” Almas would launch their careers into the stratosphere by able to call themselves the man that retired Cena.

However, there is one star on WWE’s main roster that can indeed become the central player in the company if WWE gives him the privilege of taking Cena out, and that man is Samoa Joe.

There is something about Joe that is truly rare in the modern era of wrestling, as his character motivations, in-ring ability, and jaw-dropping promos represent a fighter that is truly badass.

Cena vs. Joe is a programme that is long overdue, and by booking this match has Cena’s last, can launch Joe’s career in the company.

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