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5 face or heel turns in WWE that would work brilliantly

Everyone loves a good face or heel turn, and these guys could deliver some great ones.

Roman Reigns
We’ve spoken about it for a while now – it’s finally time

One of the most effective things in professional wrestling is a well-executed face or heel turn. It can completely turn your opinion of a superstar on its head, giving that character a renewed sense of relevancy in the process.

When it goes wrong, however, it can potentially cripple their potential as a main event or upper mid card Superstar. Because of that, WWE tends to be pretty selective with when and how they execute them.

It makes sense, especially when you consider how poorly some turns have been received in the past.

After all, not everyone can be a top level superstar in the WWE and a lot of that is about having the all-round package. You need to be versatile enough to the point where you can switch back and forth between the two alignments with relative ease.

It's a quality that a lot of superstars do in fact possess - we just don't get to see it. In the modern era, there are a string of top wrestlers who are of such a high standard that they can thrive under any situation that they are put in.

It doesn't matter whether they're a heel or a face, they can entertain the crowds regardless. However, we do feel that it would be interesting to see what would happen if all these guys made the switch.

So with that in mind, let's look at five face or heel turns in WWE that would work brilliantly.

#5 Dean Ambrose (Heel)

Dean Ambrose
Ambrose has proven quality as a heel

Dean Ambrose has worked out better than anyone could've imagined as a babyface.

The Lunatic Fringe seemed destined to be the bad guy that came out of The Shield, but he's been able to transition into the good guy persona with relative ease. You may not like his style, but Ambrose has certainly had some interesting moments in his current alignment.

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With that being said, it's soon going to be time for a switch up. Ambrose proved with The Shield that he can play the arrogant and sleazy heel to perfection, and in all honesty, that's probably the role that most people were expecting to see from him.

Dean would thrive under a character change and it could completely reinvigorate his character, which has become quite stale to some.

Onto one of Dean's biggest rivals in the last few months.

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