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5 Factions that could challenge The Shield

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Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns tell their opponents this Sunday that they're ready for a fight right now!
The Hounds of Justice have many dream matches waiting for them

This Sunday the Shield is set to face The Miz, The Bar, Braun Strowman, and a revitalized Kane in a 5-on-3 TLC match at WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs. After years of keeping the Shield reunion in their back pocket, and with Brock Lesnar and John Cena set to miss the TLC pay per view, the WWE has called upon the Hounds of Justice to headline the very show they debuted on five years ago.

There is no reason for the Shield to lose this match despite the odds being stacked so heavily against them. The WWE has not pulled their reliable black-clad rabbits out of the hat just to job them out and kill their mystique.

The question now is what does the Shield do after they dispose of their formidable opponents at TLC? The best thing to come out of the Shield's 2012-14 run was the faction wars against the likes of Evolution, the Wyatt Family, and (even though they weren't a "faction") the Rhodes Family.

There are plenty of factions in the WWE right now that could wage war with the Shield, including groups that can be assembled to challenge the unstoppable trio of Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns. These five factions would put on incredible contests that could rival the classic 6-man tag matches that made the Shield famous

# 5 Bray Wyatt, Sawyer Fulton, and Wolfgang

Bray Wyatt follows his fireflies to the ring.
Bray could create a new Wyatt Family to feud with The Shield

Right now Bray Wyatt, as Sister Abigail, is set to face Finn Balor, as the Demon, at TLC in what can most rationally be explained as a match pitting two men suffering from Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. If the dumpster fire that was the House of Horrors match at Battleground didn't permanently kill Wyatt's singles career, which it did, then him portraying Sister Abigail and jobbing out to Balor's Demon persona definitely will.

Wyatt was at his best when he was the cryptic, charismatic cult leader of the Wyatt Family, and that is what he must return to. Wyatt has a long history with the Shield, having feuded with them collectively as a team, as well as each member individually.

The Wyatt Family was the only team to go undefeated against the Shield in 6-man matches, but with Luke Harper and Rowan on SmackDown Live, and Braun Strowman having established himself as a main eventer, WWE must form a new Wyatt Family.

Sawyer Fulton, standing 6'8" could be used as the enforcer. Fulton hasn't been seen on NXT in a long time. Although he is green, being in a faction should cover up his weaknesses. All he has to do is snarl and look menacing while Bray cuts all the promos. Wolfgang, from the WWE UK Tournament, would also fit into the newest Wyatt Family incarnation.

Wolfgang has the backwoods brawler look that Harper and Rowan had, along with excellent in-ring talent. With Bray as the mouthpiece, Fulton as the muscle, and Wolfgang as the technician, the Shield would have their hands full trying to defend their yard.

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