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5 factors which have ruined Kevin Owens' title reign

Owens is facing the prospect of jobbing to Goldberg at Fastlane.

Kevin Owens is one of the most beloved wrestlers on the roster

From beating John Cena in his debut match on the main roster to revisiting his feud with Sami Zayn, the stock of Kevin Owens was on the up-and-up ever since he arrived. For a wrestler of his physique, some of the moves Owens can pull off inside the squared circle are simply jaw-dropping.

His amazing in-ring ability, coupled with the great chemistry he shared with opponents like Cena, Ambrose and Zayn, instantly catapulted those matches into classics. As recognition of the great work he'd been doing, the WWE did something that wouldn't have happened even as recently as five years back.

Owens is as far from Vince's idea of a top Superstar as one can get. However, in one of the great RAW endings in 2016, Owens won the top prize on the flagship show after a Fatal Four way elimination match.

But things haven't quite gone as fans would have hoped. It's been anything but smooth sailing for the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion. Despite having the belt for around six months, Owens isn't the most important part of the show and is often left looking weak due to some terrible booking.

It won't be an exaggeration to say that his reign is one of the more underwhelming ones in recent times. Rumour has it that things might get worse for Owens who is facing the prospect of jobbing to Goldberg at Fastlane. If that happens, here are some of the factors which KO fans might look back on:

#1 Loose ends:

Triple H wasn’t to be seen on main roster TV after his shocking turn on Rollins

Let's roll back to when Owens actually struck gold. There he was, sitting on the mat, stunned, as Triple H turned on his protege Seth Rollins. It was an awesome moment. But why did The Game do what he did? Why Owens? Was Stephanie in on it? Question marks, question marks and question marks. Unfortunately, the answers never came.

The disappearance of Triple H from main roster television after he literally handed over the title to Owens didn't do anybody any favours. A storyline interweaving the three characters could have made for some intriguing programming. Unfortunately, it never happened. 

Fans were left wanting answers which never came. Gradually, the interest wore off and everyone moved on.

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