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5 fan chants you might have missed during WWE RAW (Nov 6th, 2017)

Did you hear what the crowd chanted?

Top 5 / Top 10 07 Nov 2017, 14:41 IST

What are
What are they chanting?

You have to love a good crowd and Manchester certainly brought it. The night was full of action and unexpected moments. One of the best parts of WWE touring around the globe are the inventive chants each new crowd will come up with.

So let's check out five chants from Raw on November 6th, 2017 that you might have missed.

#1 Who's your daddy?

Who'll be calling who daddy after Survivor Series?

During the opening segment The Miz had the crowd in the palm of his hand and was in such a strange dynamic but he was able to handle it because he's awesome. He was a babyface when he spoke about Baron Corbin and the current feud he has as the show heads to Survivor Series. But when Kurt Angle came out he played the part of a heel.

While talking up some of the bombs Baron Corbin has thrown his direction, The Miz mentioned how Corbin said he would be calling him "daddy" after their match at Survivor Series.

This mention of the word daddy sparked an immediate "who's your daddy?" chant in the Manchester crowd that was a great way to kick off the night.

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