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5 fan chants you might have missed from WWE TLC 2017

The crowd for TLC was lit and had some great chants in the process

Did you catch all the chants at TLC?

WWE TLC 2017 is finally in the books. It was an event that delivered on a lot of levels but the fans in attendance really told the story through their excitement.

They witnessed some intense action all night and couldn't contain themselves. Naturally, a lot of very interesting chants broke out in the process.

Let's take a look at five chants from this enthusiastic crowd that really stood out.

#1 That was murder

Goodbye Strowman, let's hope he made it out of that truck alive

When you put someone in a garbage truck and pull the level, sometimes the results can be quite disastrous. In fact, some people might view it as murder because most individuals don't survive after being compacted in the back of a garbage truck.

Well, that's what happened to Braun Strowman after Kane put him in the back of a garbage truck and then the entire hell team ordered the man to pull the level thus crushing the Monster Among Men.

"That was murder" chants broke out and they might have been well deserved. After all, it was a pretty cold-blooded move.

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