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WWE News: Triple H faces Rusev and dances with The New Day in Santiago, Chile 

3.73K   //    23 Oct 2017, 02:45 IST

The Game is always ready to perform

SmackDown Live's current tour of South America hit a couple of snags and AJ Styles needed to be sent home early. It was an interesting situation because it was said that Styles was sick but maybe they just needed him for TLC.

But Kevin Owens needed to go home early for different reasons. Regardless of why they needed to leave, the SmackDown tour needed a boost and Triple H stepped in to give people a big reason to pay attention.

Although Baron Corbin seemed to toss his hat in the ring by warning The Game to stay away from the United States Champion, Triple H didn't seem to take the bait. Instead, he went all the way to Chile to take on The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev.

This had to have been a huge feature in Rusev's cap to face The Game in this kind of a spur-of-the-moment situation. The Game arrived around noon in Chile and was ready for action. It was only a matter of time before he was roughing up Rusev in that very ring.

Triple H and Rusev gave the fans in Chile an experience they won't soon forget. But in the end, Rusev took a devastating Pedigree like so many top performers before him.

It wasn't long before Triple H was celebrating in Santiago after winning in a clean fashion. It really helped Rusev sold the bump to prepare for an easy pinfall. That little touch only shows his athletic awareness and one of the reasons why he was granted this supreme rub from working with The Game.

It was a great pinch-hit situation after AJ Style and Kevin Owens needed to be pulled from the tour for their own reasons reason.


But I'm sure Triple H is going to be paying close attention to TLC wherever he is so he can watch Asuka's first main roster match.

When all was said and done, Triple H found himself in the ring with The New Day and he got down with the booty-shaking like no other. It was quite an entertaining spectacle and an impressive and peculiar display of Triple H's twerking abilities.

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