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5 fantasy factions WWE should seriously consider

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Ever noticed how WWE has moved away from factions over the years?

Back in the Attitude Era, the company’s biggest storylines were built around stables like D-Generation X and The Corporation, while WCW’s best nights during the ratings war were largely down to the NWO.

Even in recent years some of the most interesting WWE storylines have revolved around factions – The Straight Edge Society and The Nexus, for example – yet they seem to be short-lived and WWE only focuses on multi-person tag matches when Survivor Series comes around once a year.

With that in mind, and influenced by Finn Balor revealing who he would choose in his dream stable, we take a look at five fantasy factions that Vince McMahon & Co. should seriously consider in the future.

#1. Finn Balor, The Club & Authors of Pain

The 'Balor Club' only has one current member

Finn Balor has repeatedly worn ‘Balor Club’ merchandise throughout his time in NXT and WWE, yet he seems to be the only Superstar who is a subscriber to said Club.

Asked recently who he would add to his faction if he could choose any current WWE Superstars, the Irishman chose former Bullet Club buddies Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson as his two right-hand men, and he surprisingly opted for NXT tag team Akam and Rezar, better known as the Authors of Pain, as the other two members.

The former Universal champion has been a regular presence on Raw since his return from injury in April, but even the most loyal ‘Balor Club’ supporters will admit that his feuds in 2017 haven’t been as captivating as they were during his NXT days.

Aligning with Balor would do wonders for The Club, who have lost their way as a team ever since WrestleMania, and it would be the perfect way to introduce the monstrous AOP to the main roster.

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