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4 Fantasy Feuds for Ronda Rousey

Ali Akber
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Ronda won the title convincingly
Ronda won the title convincingly

Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey arrived in the WWE earlier this year and has taken the company by storm. She’s become the face of the company in very little time and shown why her entrance into the company was being treated as such a big deal.

Ronda managed to climb up the ladder very quickly, riding on the back of her name and star power, and has managed to win the WWE Raw Women’s Championship without suffering a single loss in the company.

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This proves that the company is trying to raise her into the top slots, and treating her with a push that is a combination of Asuka and Charlotte Flair.

Sadly, Ronda has been put in short feuds with Raw superstars who haven’t been able to match her talent as yet. Even though the company is filled with talented women superstars, most have fallen short when Ronda has been involved. Nia Jax has been the only one who showed some resistance, but that feud didn’t last much longer either.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve made a list of 4 women who Ronda could have feuded with which would have resulted in some great and equal matches. Three of these women are former WWE superstars, while one is a current superstar looking to make her mark on the main roster.

#4 Trish Stratus

A feud betwen Ronda and Trish would have been electric
A feud
Ronda and Trish would have been electric

There is no denying that the multi-time WWE women’s champion was one of the best wrestlers we’d ever seen. Trish fought against the best in the business and each time she managed to come out on top.

Ronda is more or less filling Trish’s shoes at the moment after switching from MMA to wrestling, and there is no doubt that she is doing a great job at it. However, if the two women would have collided in the ring, it’d have resulted in one of the greatest feuds ever.


With Trish’s wrestling skills and Ronda’s fighting abilities, the two would have put on some of the most spectacular matches.

With the Evolution pay-per-view around the corner, it’s a shame that she’s returning to fight Alexa Bliss. Not to take anything away from Alexa, but there are some other wrestlers on the roster who could have put up a greater show, such as Ronda herself.

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