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5 Former TNA Wrestlers That Had Success in The WWE

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AJ Styles making his Debut at Royal Rumble
AJ Styles making his Debut at Royal Rumble

TNA as a promotion has been through a lot over the past few years. Impact Wrestling has developed a number of talented men and women. Many of whom have emerged better than ever after their time spent with the company.

TNA has had some undeniably popular stars who did wonders for their programming and were staples in their weekly shows some of those performers chose to jump ship and are now wrestling for other promotions.

A number of TNA stars have moved on to WWE. Some performers that have competed in both companies have only achieved success in one but not the other. However a select group was successful in both. Success can be measured in Championships, long-standing feud or well developed characters.

Here are 5 former TNA Impact Wrestling wrestlers that did great things in the WWE since departing from TNA.

#5 Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe

When Samoa Joe arrived in NXT walking out and having a face to face confrontation with Kevin Owens. His impact was immediately felt while on the brand as he took part in the inaugural Dusty Rhodes classic and won alongside his partner Finn Balor.

However, that win was the first step in a change of character that very effectively captures his drive to succeed. A near year long feud with Balor followed and eventually Joe defeated his former partner to capture the NXT title. He moved on to battle Shinsuke Nakamura and he became the first two-time NXT champion in the brand's history.

After moving up to Raw, Samoa Joe faced challenge after challenging some of the best on the roster whether he's against Seth Rollins, Roman reigns or Dean Ambrose. He proved time and time again why he was the 'Destroyer'.

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