5 Former WWE Superstars who are unrecognizable now

Several former WWE Superstars are now unrecognizable
Several former WWE Superstars are now unrecognizable

WWE Superstars are only in the spotlight for a short period. However, many remain household names for years to come.

Several former WWE Superstars have had different career paths and started families after their exit from the company. This means that some of the stars who left WWE in the early 2000s (more than two decades ago from now) have had a complete change in appearance.

The following list looks at just five former WWE Superstars who are now unrecognizable when compared to their on-screen persona back in the day.

#5. Former WWE Superstar Sunny

Sunny became a household name following her three-year stint in WWE that ended back in 1998. After brief stints in ECW and WCW, Sunny went on to make a name for herself on the Independent Circuit.

Throughout her time in WWE, Sunny was known for her "Girl Next Door" image, which was a stark contrast to Sable. The latter was dominating the Women's Division at the time.

After leaving WWE, fans continued to follow Sunny and she was able to make several one-off appearances for the company in the following years. Sunny's most recent WWE appearance came on April 2nd, 2011. The entire women's division inducted her into WWE's Hall of Fame.

It's been more than two decades since Sunny left WWE and the former star has obviously changed over the years. The Hall of Famer has gone through many personal struggles but the latest reports suggest that the 'Original Diva' is finally back on track.

That being said, comparing images of Sunny in the late 1990s to the present day makes the star somewhat unrecognizable. While fans still fondly remember Sunny, Tammy Lynn Sytch is no longer the same woman that the WWE Universe recalls.

Sytch played a character on WWE TV for three years, a character that has gone on to define her for the rest of her life.

#4. Former WWE Superstar Muhammad Hassan

Muhammad Hassan was destined to become the youngest World Champion in WWE history back in 2005. However, a controversy forced the company to change its plans.

Instead of becoming a name in the history books, Hassan's WWE career abruptly ended in a year. Since his release from the company, the former star has returned to college to train and become an educator.

Hassan has since gone on to become a history teacher and, an assistant principal. The latest updates reveal that he served as the principal at Fulton Junior High School in New York.

It's been more than 15 years since Hassan was released from WWE, so physically the star was expected to change. In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, he was almost unrecognizable, and as seen from the images above there has been quite some changes over the years.

#3. Former WWE Superstar Kevin Thorn

Former WWE Superstar Kevin Thorn is best remembered for his time at ECW. He portrayed a vampire and had his own valet in the shape of Ariel.

Thorn was pushed hard as part of WWE's version of the ECW brand and competed at several pay-per-views including The Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 23.

The former star was released from WWE in January 2009. He went on to make several appearances on the Independent Circuit before starting a new venture.

Whilst the former star once had much lighter hair when he portrayed Malakai in his early WWE years, it's still hard to tell that the two men in the images above are the same person!

Thorn is currently working as a realtor in the Indianapolis, Indiana metro area. More than a decade after his WWE departure, he looks completely unrecognizable when compared to his in-ring persona.

#2. Former WWE Superstar Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie was part of the WWE roster when the women were still known as Divas. She was one of the women who was signed for her looks above her wrestling ability.

Marie went on to be part of some memorable storylines, including her relationship with Al Wilson, which ended with the latter dying on their wedding night.

The former Diva was released from WWE back in 2005, just after she informed the company that she was expecting her first child. Marie hasn't returned to the ring since and went on to sue WWE after her contract was terminated while she was pregnant.

In the years that have followed, Marie has trained to become a nurse and welcomed two children. It's been more than 15 years since Marie was released from WWE so she looks a little different compared her WWE character.

#1. Former WWE Diva Kristal Marshall

Kristal Marshall is perhaps best remembered in WWE for her storyline with Teddy Long.

The two stars were part of a short story that ended when the SmackDown General Manager had a heart attack at their in-ring wedding. Marshall was released from her contract a few weeks later.

Following her WWE release, Kristal went on to appear alongside her real-life partner Bobby Lashley in IMPACT Wrestling, before retiring from the business.

The former WWE Diva has since welcomed two children and regularly shares life updates on her Instagram. Her gym pictures show that she aspires to remain in fantastic shape with regular exercise.

Since Marshall's split from Lashley, the former star has remained out of the spotlight, but it's clear from the images above that Marshall hasn't aged a day in the past decade.