5 funniest Kane moments in WWE

Pranay Rangra

#4 Kane and Daniel Bryan – "I am going to Disneyland"

"I'm Going To Disneyland!" - Kane, to Dr. Shelby, #WWENOC #SharingIsCaring #GatoradeBath

Kane and Daniel Bryan were amongst the most dysfunctional and entertaining tag-teams on the WWE roster.

At Night of Champions 2012, after a huge championship victory, Kane and Bryan were backstage with AJ Lee and their therapist, Dr. Shelby.

Dr. Shelby asked both the stars to congratulate each other. Bryan did but Kane walked away as Daniel began complaining. The Big Red Machine came back with a big container of Gatorade and, much to his shock, poured it over Bryan.

Kane then giddily declared he was going to Disneyland and ran off, much to the amusement of the fans.

#3 Kane celebrates with Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, and The Big Show in the ring

In 2010-11, Santino Marella, his partner Vladimir Kozlov, and his kayfabe girlfriend Tamina were in a feud with The Corre; a faction comprising of Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett, and Ezekiel Jackson.

During the feud, Santino squared off against Gabriel with The Corre at ringside. To even the odds, Big Show and Kane, who were tag-team partners at the time, came down to the ring. Marella won the match and began celebrating in his traditional trumpet gesture with Kozlov and Tamina.

Soon, the Big Show joined the act and when Kane started, the entire segment went off the rails as the WWE Universe erupted with joy. It was certainly the first time fans in attendance witnessed Kane do a dance-like celebration.

Edited by Abhinav Singh

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