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5 Wrestling gimmicks that were inspired by somebody else

Edan Nissen
Modified 05 Nov 2018
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# 1 "Nature Boy" Buddy Rodger / "Nature Boy" Rick Flair

The two great
The two great "Nature Boys" of wrestling, Ric Flair (Left) and Buddy Rogers (Right)

Wrestling names are pretty iconic, but never has one nickname been so synonymous with two successful wrestlers. Both Buddy Rogers and Ric Flair were incredibly successful in professional wrestling, especially while using the "Nature Boy" name.

Buddy Rogers was a massive name in the NWA, winning championships across several NWA territories. Rogers was also successful in the WWWF, now known as the WWE, being the inaugural WWWF after Vince McMahon Sr and Toots Mondt split from the NWA to form their own region away from the national body. Rogers would have had a long run with the title, but suffered a heart attack, forcing Mondt and McMahon to switch the belt to Bruno Sammartino.

Rogers would return to wrestling in the late 70s up until his death in 1992. Rogers patented Nature Boy persona, in which he would play a cocky, sneering, snide villainous character, with peroxide blonde hair and would use the Figure Four Leg Lock as a submission finisher.

Flair first wrestled under his real name during his initial runs in Japan and, in the smaller independent promotions. In 1978, Flair started using the "Nature Boy" moniker in order to bait Rogers into a feud. Rogers put Flair over in their one and only encounter, allowing Flair to use the name and gimmick.

Flair would go on to be one of the main event players across WCW, WWE and even TNA as one of the biggest draws in the Rock and Wrestling generation, as well as all time. Flair is an 8-time WCW Champion, 9-time NWA Heavyweight Champion, and 2 time WWF Heavyweight Champion and the only person inducted twice into the WWE Hall of Fame, both as an individual performer and as a part of the 4 Horsemen.

Published 05 Nov 2018, 23:01 IST
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