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5 Glorious Facts About Bobby Roode 

Riju Dasgupta
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Some glorious facts about The Glorious One
Get to know The Glorious One like never before!

When Aiden English' vocal performance was interrupted by the sonorous strains of a familiar song, last week on SmackDown Live, the whole world sat up to take notice and welcome a beloved former NXT Champion to the main roster, an act many feel has been long overdue. They sang in unison to the melody of Roode's familiar theme song, inaugurating his arrival as only the WWE Universe can.

Bobby Roode is someone who dominated TNA, both as a tag team and singles competitor, and made quite a splash since his NXT debut, last year in Dallas. Few backstage have a bad thing to say about the glorious one, and everyone agrees that he will change the landscape of SmackDown Live.

Backstage rumours indicate that WWE is very high on Roode, and his path of glory has only just begun. We bring you 5 interesting and surprising facts about Bobby Roode and do ask you to contribute with some yourself, in case we've missed out on any.

#5 His one unfulfilled wish

Roode has extensively studied a lot of Curt Hennig footage
Roode has extensively studied a lot of Curt Hennig footage

Many professional wrestlers have compared Roode's work in the ring to one of the greatest of all time, 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig. Roode has gone on record to say just how much he was inspired by the man and the fact that he has studied footage of Hennig's from AWA onwards.

Roode's biggest unfulfilled ambition is that he never got to face his hero inside the squared circle or even meet him. Superstars such as Billy Gunn have mentioned how much Roode's work mirrors that of Hennig and the fact that Roode even moves like Hennig does.

We guess this is one of those dream matches that never happened. Thankfully, Roode's other dream opponent is John Cena at Wrestlemania, a much more likely possibility by far!

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