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The 5 greatest entrance themes in Pro Wrestling today

Daniel Crump
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The musical magic of Wrestling.
The musical magic of Wrestling

Why is entrance music so instrumental to our overall enjoyment of Professional Wrestling? There are most likely many answers to this question. Amongst other things, it helps us get into the correct mindset in order to enjoy a match. It contributes greatly to the storylines and character gimmicks infiltrating the action.

Perhaps most importantly, a good entrance theme can take us back to when wrestling is always at its most entertaining - when we were children without a care in the world.

Whether we are jumping around to a playful, bouncy anthem or swaying gently to a dark, twisted lullaby, entrance music transports us to the very center of the action and gives us an outlet to enjoy the sport without the use of logic and words.

So, who does have the greatest entrance music in wrestling today? While we understand this to be a largely subjective question, here are our top 5 choices nevertheless:

#5 'Stardust' - Tetsuya Naito

Haters gonna hate.
Haters gonna hate.

Anyone who knows their current Japanese wrestling will appreciate how much of an unlikely success story Tetsuya Naito has turned out to be. Once the Far East's answer to Roman Reigns, the former Stardust Genius was roundly rejected by the New Japan audience as the next Ace of the company, culminating in the main event of the Wrestle Kingdom 8, being taken away from him by a now legendary fan vote.

Naito would then go on to spend time in Mexico, honing a new image and attitude that outright rejected the need for fan approval, turning him into a special kind of anti-hero heel as a result.

In a way, his current theme music ought to have died long ago. The feel of the tune conjures up the kinds of associations and images linked with his failed Stardust Genius gimmick. It is quite cheesy, upbeat and almost child-like, exactly the kind of thing his Ingobernables faction rebels against.

He is basically carrying the music as a badge of honor, turning what he once was against his haters, and becoming one of the most beloved superstars of his generation.

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