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5 greatest ever WrestleMania venues

Harry Kettle
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Pontiac Silverdome
The legacies of these venues are carved in stone!

One of the great things about WrestleMania is that year in and year out, fans around the world get to visit a number of different cities around North America. The culture, atmosphere and general vibe surrounding the week of events make the grand finale on Sunday every year all the more special.

Upon reaching the arena or stadium, fans collectively gasp upon seeing the stage for this year's edition of the show of shows. The larger than life nature of Mania itself is one of the big draws for people flying in from all around the world, and whilst some cities have more attractions than others, the venue itself usually knocks it out of the park.

Now that's not to say there haven't been failures down the years too. For example, the highly acclaimed AT&T Stadium was criticised for failing to let a substantial number of people in before the pre-show began. Some people even reported that they only made it to their seats with five or ten minutes remaining before the main show got underway.

But with that touch of negativity out of the way, let's move onto the positives. Here are the five greatest WrestleMania venues in the history of the event.

#5 Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Mercedes-Benz Superdome
A venue that represents New Orleans superbly

With WrestleMania 34 set to be held in this stadium just four years on from New Orleans' hosting the event for the first time, you can tell that things went pretty well. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome was a colosseum of noise on that fateful night back in 2014, with the crowd being as loud as they could possibly be from the opening bout all the way through to the main event.

It's the history behind the venue that allows the Superdome to reach the top five, too. The pain and the stress that the state of Louisiana went through due to Hurricane Katrina was felt so strongly by the stadium itself, with hundreds of people seeking refuge in the home of the Saints. That togetherness is something that you just don't come across every day.

The Superdome represents one thing that trumps the majority of the other options- hope. There is so much hope within this stadium that it never ceases to create magical moments in both sports and professional wrestling, which is why the demand to return to NOLA in 2018 was so high.

Onto yet another recent edition, this time over in Florida.

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