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5 Greatest WWE Managers of All Time

Richie Jewell
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Heyman is one of the greatest managers ever
Heyman is one of the greatest managers ever

They are the masterminds of the ring and architects of success. Whether they are great wrestlers themselves, celebrities, or simply eye candy, managers are crucial to boosting the career of some superstars.

Over the years, managers have been utilized as coaches, valets, mouthpieces and much more. They also could add something to the storylines and rivalries, and sometimes they could create their own feuds out of nowhere.

They were mainly used as tools to get wrestlers over with the crowd, if the superstars had limited mic skills. They acted as a mouthpiece in their interviews and helped them find their voice.

In this article, we are going to look at 5 amazing managers in WWE that catapulted wrestlers to super stardom .

#5 Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman was in the business since 14 years old
Paul Heyman was in the business since 14 years old

As manager, promoter, commentator and on air official, the man is absolutely without peer. Heyman is simply one of the best. He has managed to maintain a career in professional wrestling for over 30 years.

He has been an essential part in the careers of more champions than any manager in wrestling history, including 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, The Big Show, Rick Rude, and WWE’s current reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion—Brock Lesnar. 

Whether he was CEO for the Dangerous Alliance as Paul E Dangerously in WCW, an evil genius and amazing booker in ECW, or an amazing advocate in WWE, he always reinvented himself and put over many wrestlers over the years.

Regarded as the greatest manager in modern era, he delivers amazing promos and does an excellent job as Brock Lesnar's hypeman. When he talks, people listen to him and are amazed at how great he is on mic.

Heyman is a great villain, a great mind, and a great promo. A total package

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