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5 Huge returns that could definitely rock WWE in 2017!

Brother Nero, I knew you'd come back!

Will Matt Hardy be able to DELETE boring segments from WWE?

2016 was a mixed year for WWE. There were some great matches for sure, but the storytelling, quite often, was abysmal, and this reflected in the ratings of the product. Moreover, on both Raw and Smackdown, we saw the same talents in the main event spot week after week, and this honestly does try one’s patience.

The need of the hour is to freshen the WWE product, with new faces. Better yet, if familiar faces were to return and face the top stars of the company in brand new programs, it may revive interest for both old fans and new ones. Here are five returns, guaranteed to rock WWE, if/when they happen in 2017! 

#5 Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero

Will this legendary tag team work for Vince Meekmahan once again?

With due apologies to Kenny Omega, if one were to ponder who the non-WWE wrestler of the year was, any answer that does not say Matt Hardy is wrong! Having reinvented himself in his ‘Broken Matt’ character, Matt Hardy is the only person still keeping TNA relevant.

What’s more? Revitalising Jeff Hardy as Brother Nero has given him a new lease on his career too, and they quite honestly may be the ‘greatest tag team in all time and space’, right now, as they so proudly proclaim.

Here’s what’s interesting. Matt and Jeff Hardy’s contracts expire come February 2017, and they’ve been open with regard to jumping ship to WWE in shoot interviews. Matt and Jeff Hardy have been very vocal about wanting to wrestle ‘The Day of New’ and ‘The Family of the Wyatts’, and if they were to jump ship, this may very well be a reality.

The only issue with The Hardy Boyz coming to WWE is that McMahon would stifle their creativity. Let’s hope for the best for the sake of the entire wrestling community.

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