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5 iconic Goldberg moments

He may be 49 now, but he's had a truly legendary career

Top 5 / Top 10 11 Oct 2016, 13:05 IST
As Goldberg looks to return, we look back at his career

In 1998, wrestling was the hottest thing on television. Every Monday Night it was drawing ratings like very few other shows were, as Raw and Nitro went head to head in a war of ratings. While The Attitude Era was in full swing in WWE, WCW was matching them move for move with quality content like nothing else.

The face of this company was Bill Goldberg, a man who was booked more strongly than any man in history, and who had embarked on a winning streak that lasted 173 matches in a row. When his iconic music would hit, and his sculpted figure would emerge from within the fireworks, it was a sight to behold and admire.

Kayfabe or not, he looked like a man who could destroy his opponents with utmost ease. Goldberg would go on to win championships, have a memorable run in WWE and then retire from the business for a long, long time.

On 10th October 2016, Goldberg announced his return to Monday Night Raw. While we wait with bated breath, let’s look at some of the massive career accomplishments of this man!

#5 Victory over Raven for the U.S. Heavyweight Championship 

Goldberg would go 74 matches before his first title opportunity

Before Booker T brought in the U.S. Championship to WWE, it was the second most important championship title in WCW. And on April 20th, 1998 it was held by an enigmatic wrestler known as Raven, who commanded his own cult of followers who were known simply as ‘The Flock’.

Goldberg was the hottest babyface in the company at this time, with a 74-0 record. And this brought him to his first ever title opportunity, against the man known as Raven. This was a match full of interference, but Goldberg dealt with each of the members of the Flock, after spearing Raven

Goldberg got a reaction that is impossible to even imagine in today’s wrestling environment. At 75-0, Goldberg was the United States Champion of WCW. 

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