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5 Ideal opponents for Austin Theory in NXT

Greg Bush
Top 5 / Top 10
Published Aug 18, 2019
Aug 18, 2019 IST

#4 Kushida

Kushida can
Kushida can't afford any losses this early in his NXT tenure

There is no better technician on the NXT roster, maybe the entirety of the WWE, than Kushida. The Ace of the Jrs has only been on NXT for a few months now, but his short tenure has seen him submit Kassius Ohno, Drew Gulak, and Apollo Crews with his patented Hoverboard Lock.

Theory would have a significant size advantage should these two ever match up, but as we've seen before, size isn't everything. And with someone who can take to the skies and target limbs, that advantage is essentially null.

As we've seen recently, Kushida can hang with those who outmatch him in size and strength, so Theory will have to rely on his craftiness and wits, and hopefully, he can avoid being caught in the Hoverboard Lock and capitalize on any missed attacks from the sky.

If the Unproven One can wait out his time and find an opening, he'll be able to do what no one has done yet and push past the Timesplitter on his way to the NXT Championship.

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