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5 incredible things that only Roman Reigns has done

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Roman Reigns is only 31 and has done some unprecedented things already

The Big Dog Roman Reigns.

One of the most polarising figures to have ever stepped foot in a WWE ring, the very mention of Roman Reigns’ name evokes a range of mixed emotions amongst members of the WWE Universe. 

While some fans see him as nothing but a product of the WWE corporate machine, which the company is hell bent on pushing despite whatever reactions he might get, others see him as a talented performer who deserves everything that the WWE have thrown his way so far. 

Then, of course, are the dedicated Reigns fans (raise your hands if you’re in the house people!) who love the Big Dog and cheer him on with every step that he takes in the professional wrestling business.

Love him, or hate him, Roman Reigns is the face of the WWE right now. The Big Dog has been pushed to the skies by the company and it doesn’t seem like the push will be slowing down anytime soon. 

Reigns, whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i, is a member of the coveted Anoa’i professional wrestling family. Even though he only started wrestling in 2010, Reigns has made it to the top of the food chain in a relatively short period of time and despite only being 31 years old, has achieved a lot already.

So today, we’re going to take a look at 5 incredible things that ONLY Roman Reigns has done so far! Starting off with the more recent ones and proceeding further down the slideshow into some of the lesser-known achievements of the big man.

Special mention: The ONLY WWE Superstar (alongside Seth Rollins) to have received a 4.5 Star rating on his debut

The Shield was an incredible faction

Even though this accomplishment isn’t unique because he shares it with Seth Rollins, one has to tip their hat to Roman Reigns for getting a 4.5 Star rating in his debut match by legendary wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer.

The match we’re referring to was the in-ring debut of The Shield, where Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns went up against Daniel Bryan, Kane and Ryback in a six-man tag team TLC match. 

The Shield ended up winning, and Dave Meltzer rated the match 4.5 Stars in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, making Reigns and Rollins the only two people to have ever received such a high rating on their WWE debuts. While Cena’s first match against Angle was solid (no rating available), the Cenation leader scored a dismal 1.25 in his PPV debut match against Chris Jericho at Vengence 2002.

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Ambrose is excluded from this because he had wrestled on WWE TV as a jobber before, and this was thus not his debut, technically. 

What makes the accomplishment even more special on Reigns’ part is that none of his singles matches since his debut have ever been rated under 3 Stars by Meltzer! He is the only member of the Shield to hold this distinction. 

Let’s now move on to some accomplishments and achievements that are unique only to Reigns!

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