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5 Independent wrestlers who should be in WWE within 5 years

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Who do you see as the future of WWE?

The independent wrestling landscape is full of amazing talent just ready to be plucked from indies and highlighted on the kind of big stage WWE can provide. Of course, some independent stars are already receiving accolades, rewards, and are compensated quite well for their work.

Although the talent pool seems to be growing all of the time with WWE alumni returning to their independent roots, there are still a few people that have never really tasted a WWE stage before that are surely in line for such an opportunity.

Some people might groan when they see their favourite independent performer on this list in fear that WWE will do nothing but shackle them with restrictions. But let's not try to disparage WWE and remain as positive as possible as we explore five independent wrestlers who should be in WWE within the next five years

#1 Matt Riddle

This guy is already amazing

Matt Riddle is a former contestant on The Ultimate Fighter and was a standout on the program due to his passion, skill, and the fact he always had a big smile on his face. Although he was eliminated from UFC's reality television show he was given a contract anyway.

Riddle currently has a record of eight wins and three losses in MMA competition and now he's taking on pro wrestling with a gusto few have seen before. He's a natural in the ring and displays the ability of a man with ten years of veteran experience under their belt already.

The only thing Riddle might have against him is his size. But thanks to trailblazers before him like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, the WWE isn't the big man exclusive game it once was.

Therefore, it wouldn't be surprising at all to see this guy under the WWE umbrella soon enough. He also said that he would love to retire Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania! That would be some statement if it actually happens!

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