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5 Indie signings buried by WWE

They came in with loads of steam, but would soon suffer from bad booking choices.

Top 5 / Top 10 25 Oct 2016, 18:10 IST
The Swiss Superman has suffered from super bad booking

To most of the casual and mainstream wrestling audience, professional wrestling equates to WWE. But as you, the intelligent smarks are aware, there is a multitude of smaller promotions that operate at full swing outside the major league.

Triple H, a man who has his finger on the pulse of the modern wrestling fan, is aware of the fact that in the modern era, the flips and dives of indie wrestling are far more popular than the stale WWE product.

As a consequence, several indie stars such as A.J. Styles and Kevin Owens have been brought in, who’ve made it quite far in today’s current WWE product. Other indie signings haven’t been quite as lucky. Let’s look at some superstars who’ve been buried because of bad booking, or a cluttered roster in today’s era. 

#5 Cesaro 

Vince doesn’t see eye to eye with the crowd

Every night when his music hits, and Cesaro comes out to the ring, wrestling fans know that they are in for a treat. If internet wrestling fans could decide their world champion, Cesaro would probably be the top contender.

However, Vince McMahon does not see eye to eye with them. We all remember Cesaro’s interview after the draft, where he expressed his disappointment at being drafted to Raw and not to Smackdown.

This is because Smackdown was supposed to be the show about the in-ring product, about the superstars and not about the authority figures per se (Hi Stephanie!).

While Cesaro makes the most of every opportunity, be it a ‘Best of 7 Series’ or tagging with Sheamus, we hope his career picks up the pace soon; because Mr. McMahon has proclaimed that Cesaro lacks ‘it’. 

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