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5 innovative ways to make the WWE more realistic

The WWE could do a lot more to help make the product seem more realistic.

John Cena with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show
Can anything make WWE seem ‘real’ enough?

We often hear fans complain about the WWE insulting their intelligence. Others complain that they can't relate to the product anymore because of who it's marketed to. Either way, there is a public consensus around the WWE that the kayfabe element of wrestling is more important than the athletic aspect of it.

People always seem to focus on the 'fake' elements of wrestling rather than the sporting excellence it possesses. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty tired of hearing people who don't watch the WWE say they don't watch because it's not 'real' enough.

Here are 5 innovative ways the WWE could become more realistic to the casual viewer.  

#5 Split the company into sports and entertainment

Brock Lesnar in the octagon at a UFC PPV
Lesnar recently competed at UFC 200 whilst on a WWE contract

Perhaps it's time to give in to the needs of some of the fan base. Some are tired of watching PG-friendly matches, they want blood, they want physicality, they want pain. I suggest it's time to split the company into two halves. Separate the sports entertainers from the fighters, and let the audience choose who they want to watch.

Create a division exclusively for mixed martial artists, grapple wrestlers and kickboxers. All wrestlers in the company with these backgrounds can join the division and the WWE could continue to recruit professional fighters from across the World.

Let them have actual contests like the UFC, let them have their own PPVs and televised broadcasts. Give the audience that wants real life contests they want, without completely compromising the fans that enjoy the kayfabe bouts.

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