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5 insane moves AJ Styles doesn't do in WWE

Even without these 5 moves, AJ Styles is still Phenomenal.

Top 5 / Top 10 28 Apr 2017, 15:14 IST
We might not see these moves again

AJ Styles is probably the best wrestler in the world today. Apart from NJPW’s Kenny Omega, there doesn’t seem to be anyone on the planet who can match up to The Phenomenal One. And, all this despite wrestling fans fearing that he would only be a shadow of his usual self in the controlled WWE environment.

AJ has put all those fears to rest once and for all, following what has got to be one of the greatest debut years in the history of the world’s premiere wrestling promotion. But, despite this you can see that he doesn’t pull off all the moves he used to during his days with TNA, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Ring of Honor, just to name a few promotions where he has impressed.

While some of these are more than likely because of the WWE’s stringent control measures, there are some other moves which he has probably avoided due to his advancing years. A professional wrestler is only as good as the state of his body, after all.

So, without any further ado, here are 5 insane moves AJ Styles doesn’t do in the WWE.:

#5 Springboard Shooting Star Press

The Shooting Star Press is one of the riskiest moves in all of professional wrestling. Don’t believe me? Ask Brock Lesnar who suffered a concussion after botching the move against Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 19. AJ’s version takes it one step further by starting off from a springboard position inside the ring.

Very few people actually have the license even to attempt the move in WWE, and while I’m very sure Styles does, he hasn’t gone for it during his time in the company. The fact that he picks his moves so carefully must be a sign of an ageing body.

He has shown his ability to perform a Springboard 450 Splash from inside the ring to the outside through a table against Dean Ambrose after all, so it makes sense that he impresses without an element of added risk.

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