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10 Phenomenal AJ Styles moments

J. Carpenter
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The true face that now runs the place

For years, they said it couldn't be done, it was impossible, there was no way he would come to the WWE, it would ruin his career. Whoever "they" are, they seem to talk a lot and more often than not, THEY are dead wrong. Just as "they" were with AJ Styles, as many said we would never see him in a WWE ring. Well, step right up, we have crow on the menu for today and there's plenty to go around. 

The current landscape of the WWE and the Champions under its banner looks really good. With names such as Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura and of course AJ Styles all holding titles to this point, it's certainly a magical time for the WWE Universe.

Despite all the hype and fanfare surrounding our current WWE World Champion, there's still a lot of fans who are not familiar with all that AJ Styles has accomplished throughout his near two decades as a professional wrestler. With that in mind, lets take a look at ten phenomenal moments from AJ Styles' career.

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