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4 interesting moments you missed on Smackdown during commercials

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These are some moments that you didn’t see on-air!

Smackdown this week had a lot to live up to. RAW had introduced Goldberg yesterday and the onus was on Smackdown to ensure that a great product was produced that could deliver along the lines of the solid power-packed edition of Monday Night Raw. 

We all know that WWE, in Dean Ambrose’s words, has “got to pay the bills, brother” and thus utilises a lot of it’s on-air time for commercials. But have you ever wondered what is happening in the matches as the actual live show cuts to these commercials? We often see matches changed and developments having happened when the show was off-air!

Well, wonder no more because we have you covered.

Starting this week, we’re going to take a look at some of the most interesting moments that happened when the shows cut to commercial breaks. There are important match developments, fun segments and sometimes we even get to see high-flying action live when the show on TV is taking a commercial break!

So without further ado, let’s start off with what happened during the commercial breaks for our first match of the night!

#1 AJ Styles (Champion) vs. James Ellsworth (For the WWE Championship)

James Ellsworth and AJ styles had a highly entertaining match to finish off the show. A bout which was hardly a back-and-forth one was made a lot of fun thanks to Dean Ambrose’s constant interference and by him playing the duties of the match announcer, the timekeeper as well as the in-ring announcer all at once!

We had cut to commercials just after Dean Ambrose had announced that the match had to be stopped for one. It appears that James Ellsworth had somehow found himself outside the ring after this. Possibly pulled out by Dean Ambrose himself. Dean then went on to interview Ellsworth about his thoughts.

Dean Ambrose interviews James Ellsworth

An interview in the middle of the match! This must have been entertaining for the live audience. AJ Styles didn’t seem to be amused by Dean Ambrose’s shenanigans however, as he made sure he cut the interview in between by getting out of the ring and attacking Ellsworth from behind. As pictured below:

AJ Styles was having none of it

It appears that Dean Ambrose wasn’t harmed in this onslaught and made a quick exit as James Ellsworth continued getting beaten down at the hands of AJ Styles. The offence continued as AJ Styles slammed James Ellsworth down on the ringside barricades. That must have hurt!

Poor James Ellsworth had no choice in this beatdown

After spending quite a bit of time outside, threatening Dean Ambrose that he would be next, it appears that AJ Styles left a downed James Ellsworth to be counted out and went back to the ring. Also, here’s a video of the entire incident:

James Ellsworth obviously needed to be nursed back to health after the vicious beatdown that he had suffered at the hands of AJ Styles and fortunately for him, Dean Ambrose wasn’t too far.

Ellsworth being nursed back to health

Dean Ambrose appears to have massaged Ellsworth’s traps (or lack thereof) and shoulders. Thus rejuvenating him and nursing him back to consciousness after being beaten down by AJ Styles. AJ it seems, was happy to see the terrified Ellsworth’s reaction to his beatdown and gloated in the middle of the ring.

A little showboating from AJ Styles saw him do a front-double-biceps bodybuilding pose towards the crowd!

The man is certainly in shape!

Ellsworth was possibly helped back to the ring by Dean Ambrose, where it doesn’t appear like the nursing helped much at all since AJ Styles almost immediately continued the beatdown again.

James Ellsworth just couldn’t catch a break

This was the moment we got back on air and the rest, as they say, is history! Ellsworth went on to win the match via a disqualification, thanks to Dean Ambrose constantly mocking AJ Styles and infuriating him to the point where he had stopped listening to the referee.

Truly a momentous occasion for James Ellsworth to have now defeated AJ Styles more times than even John Cena has!

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