5 little-known facts about WWE Superstar Roman Reigns 

Roman Reigns is considered to be the biggest star in WWE at present
Roman Reigns is considered to be the biggest star in WWE at present

Roman Reigns has been part of WWE's main roster for almost nine years and in that time The Tribal Chief has become WWE's biggest star.

Reigns has gone through a number of ups and downs in his career which includes being booed heavily following his Royal Rumble victory and main eventing consecutive WrestleMania events before announcing his leukemia diagnosis.

The current Universal Champion later announced that his illness was in remission and has since been able to make his return to WWE and pick up where he left off.

Despite living his life in public for almost a decade, there are still some facts about Roman Reigns that the Samoan star has been able to keep close to his chest.

Here are just five little-known facts about the former Shield member.

#5. Roman Reigns broke his nose in 2015 which has dramatically changed the look of his face

Roman Reigns returned from his WWE hiatus last year with a new set of teeth, something that later became the subject of several memes online. Whilst the WWE Universe noticed when Reigns had some dental improvements, another facial surgery that the star has undergone appears to have sailed under the radar.

As part of a match against Sheamus in December 2015, Reigns broke his nose which forced him to undergo nasal reconstructive surgery two months after the break in 2016. The surgery dramatically changed the look of Reigns' nose and his overall face, when compared to images of the star before the injury.

According to several reports at the time, the injury occurred as part of a table spot where Sheamus slammed Reigns against the object. The current Champion can be seen visibly injured from the spot before Sheamus goes over and whispers in his ear, seemingly asking if he's alright and if he's able to continue.

The injury kept Reigns sidelined from WWE TV for several weeks, but when he made his return he was able to push forward at the beginning of 2016 and later main evented WrestleMania alongside Triple H.

#4. Roman Reigns has five children, including two sets of twins

Roman Reigns isn't a superstar who shares a lot of personal information about his family online.

It's relatively well-known that Reigns comes from a wrestling family that includes The Usos, Rikishi, The Wild Samoans, and Rosey, but the Universal Champion tries to keep his own family as private as possible.

Reigns and his wife Galina Becker met whilst they were both studying at Georgia Tech University and later went on to welcome their first child before Reigns' wrestling career began.

Reigns' daughter Joelle has appeared on WWE TV in the past and is the only one of Reigns' children who's known to the WWE Universe. Ahead of WrestleMania 32 in 2016, it was revealed that the star and his wife had welcomed their first set of twins.

At the beginning of 2020, Roman Reigns revealed that the couple had welcomed their second set of twins, which was one of the reasons for the star's hiatus from WWE in the spring of last year.

Reigns has kept his youngest children out of the spotlight and ensured that even the names of four of his children are not public knowledge.

#3. Roman Reigns didn't plan on becoming a WWE Superstar

It has been well-documented throughout Roman Reigns' WWE career that he is from a famous wrestling family. The Anoa'i family is one of the best-known families in the wrestling business and includes the likes of The Rock, Nia Jax, Rikishi, The Usos, and The Wild Samoans.

Even though Roman Reigns was aware of the legacy that had been passed down from his father from a young age, the current Universal Champion wasn't prepared to follow in his footsteps.

Like many current and former WWE superstars, Reigns was pursuing a career as a gridiron footballer. Reigns played for several teams whilst in college before going undrafted as part of the 2007 NFL Draft. The star later signed for the Minnesota Vikings in May 2007 but his first diagnosis of leukemia led to his release.

Reigns fought to remain part of the NFL for the next year, before opting to retire from the game in 2008. When his football dream came to an end, Reigns turned his attention to the family sport and later signed with WWE.

#2. Roman Reigns studied management at Georgia Tech University

Roman Reigns' story is relatively well-known at this point and fans of the WWE Superstar are aware that he attended Georgia Tech University, where he met his future wife.

The Universal Champion attended the college for several years and majored in management. At the same time, Reigns was playing for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team, which appeared to have garnered all the headlines.

Although Reigns is a huge WWE star at the moment, the Samoan star has ensured that he has a plan B for when his career comes to an end.

In 2019, Roman Reigns noted in several interviews that he wanted to continue working on this schedule with the company for the next five years. It's unclear if Reigns has changed his mind about this or if he still plans to stop working full-time in WWE in three years.

Reigns has also noted that he wants to follow in The Rock's footsteps at some point and head to Hollywood, but he also has his management degree to fall back on if he needs to.

#1. Roman Reigns was unbeaten against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins ahead of their time in WWE

Roman Reigns made his main roster debut alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in November 2012. Ahead of their debut, the trio had been working for WWE for a number of years as part of FCW, before Reigns and Rollins were made part of NXT.

The Shield has become one of the company's most talked-about stables over the past decade, but what hasn't been heavily documented is Reigns' history with Rollins and Ambrose before The Shield.

The trio worked together in FCW whilst Reigns was known as Leakee. During their time in WWE's developmental system, the current Universal Champion teamed up with and worked against his future teammates 15 times.

Throughout all of these matches, Roman Reigns didn't lose a single bout. This run in FCW could have foreshadowed the Tribal Chiefs' future in WWE because he has since gone on to defeat his former teammates several times over the years and become the biggest star in the company following The Shield's split.

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