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5 major takeaways from CM Punk's segments on WWE Backstage

Nicky Pags
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Published Nov 20, 2019
Nov 20, 2019 IST

CM Punk
CM Punk

The wait is over. The Voice of the Voiceless, CM Punk, has made his return to WWE TV, and given all the hype and speculation surrounding his appearance on WWE Backstage this week, the former WWE Champion did not disappoint in his first full outing on the show.

During the broadcast, Punk sat down with Renee Young and dished on why he decided to return to WWE TV on Backstage, what he thinks of the current state of the WWE product. He also graded David Arquette an F- in the promo class segment, and he managed to sneak in a curse word in the closing moments of the show.

Given the above, let's take a look at 5 key takeaways from CM Punk on this week's episode of WWE Backstage.

#5 CM Punk is not on WWE Backstage to placate the current TV product

CM Punk
CM Punk

CM Punk began his appearance on WWE Backstage this week by sitting down for a brief one-on-one interview with Renee Young.

During the interview, Punk discussed what brought him back to WWE TV and specifically Backstage, and he revealed that the thought of doing a commentary-style show in which he is able to speak openly and honestly was an intriguing idea.

Punk spent the rest of the episode speaking from the heart, and had no problem pointing out creative ideas he thought have been "bad", including the most recent angle with Roman Reigns being portrayed by a person in a dog costume.

Punk's thoughts on the creative direction of WWE, and his take on WWE as a whole, helped illustrate the fact that he is not on WWE Backstage to placate the current TV product, but rather to speak openly and honestly about the content being produced by WWE on a weekly basis.

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