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5 Matches that might be the first five-star match in years on the WWE main roster

Shikhar Goyal
7.11K   //    29 Aug 2018, 22:34 IST

Last five-star match we saw on the main roster

Five-star matches are a rare thing. The match needs to be absolutely perfect to reach that rating. Very few matches live up to the expectations and it is nearly impossible if the company's name is WWE.

NXT might have proved the fans wrong here. Under the management of Triple H, NXT has given us four five-star matches this year and the first five-star match in seven years. However, the same doesn't apply to the WWE's main roster.

The last time we saw a five-star match on the main roster was between CM Punk and John Cena at Money In The Bank in 2011. No one knows when will the main roster match will get a five-star match again. However, there are a few matches that might lead us to a five-star match. Here are those matches:

#5. Brock Lesnar Vs Daniel Bryan

Enter ca
The Beast vs. The Beard

This is a match that will steal the show whenever it happens.

Many friends dream of this match and want it to happen. WWE originally scheduled this match for SummerSlam 2014. However, due to Daniel Bryan's injury, the match was cancelled and we saw Cena getting squashed by the Beast.

We have waited a long time for this match due to Bryan's injury. However, Bryan was cleared to compete this year and we are open for a match between the two. This match would be a show-stealer and might be a five-star match the fans have been waiting for WWE's main roster to give. Make it happen WWE!

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