5 matches that prove Randy Orton is Mr Survivor Series

Rohit Nath
Modified 30 Oct 2017
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#4 Team Orton vs Team Triple H (Survivor Series 2004)

Randy Orton was a babyface this time around

It was a year after Randy's first Survivor Series and things were drastically different this time around. Orton had just split from Evolution after they turned on him and had also won his first World Championship a few months prior to that, becoming the youngest World Champion in WWE history β€” a record he still holds.

Randy Orton teamed up with Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Maven to take on the team of Triple H, Batista, Edge & Gene Snitsky. However, it turned into a handicap match for the most part as Snitsky had taken out Maven prior to the match. Maven didn't appear in the match until much later.

Orton didn't get much of a reaction at first and it was the initial sign that his babyface turn wasn't working as WWE had hoped.

For the stipulation of the match, RAW was at stake. If the babyfaces of Team Orton won, one of the team members would get to control RAW the next night. Chris Benoit was the one who would end up taking control the following night.

Through the match, Randy seemed to be very unnatural as a babyface and showed his cocky heel tendencies.

One of the memorable moments of the match was when Benoit took Suplex City to team Triple H, 11-years before Suplex City was even a thing.

Orton had the odds stacked against him towards the end with a 2-on-1 situation against Edge and Triple H.

After Edge accidentally speared Triple H, Orton hit an RKO on the Rated-R Superstar and pinned Edge, making it one-on-one. For the first time in the match, the entire arena chanted "RKO". The finish of the match saw Orton hit an RKO Outta Nowhere on the then-World Champion Triple H, becoming the sole survivor for the second year in a row.

Published 30 Oct 2017
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