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5 mistakes committed by the WWE this week: 2nd May 2017

There were some glaring mistakes on this week's WWE programming.

Top 5 / Top 10 03 May 2017, 15:43 IST
Raw is crying out for the return of its champion

This has certainly been an interesting week for the WWE as we just witnessed three back-to-back to shows starting with Payback, then Monday Night Raw, and finally, SmackDown Live. Despite Payback being a good pay per view, for the most part, the follow-up episodes of Raw and SmackDown failed to impress.

There were a number of solid opportunities to raise the bar and create compelling programming especially considering that WWE creative started off on the right foot with Payback. It was a solid, if unspectacular show, but there were a few mistakes made there.

This, however, doesn’t hold a candle to the episodes of SmackDown and Raw where the WWE really dropped the ball. There was little of note in either show except for a few segments, and when you have Raw running for three hours and Smackdown running for two, it just isn’t good enough.

So, without any further ado, here are 5 mistakes committed by WWE this week.

#5 Not enough relevant content throughout Raw and Smackdown

What was the point of this match?

Both Raw and SmackDown were guilty of this mistake this week. Both shows put all their eggs in one basket: The main event. Sure, the opening segments on both shows were fun.

Dean Ambrose, The Miz, Seth Rollins, and Finn Balor bickered on Raw, while AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and Chris Jericho did the same on SmackDown Live, but it just wasn’t enough.

The rest of the segments, except perhaps the WWE Raw Women’s Division one and the Cruiserweight Championship one, were worth a watch, but the rest of the show was quite forgettable.

Don’t get me wrong, both main events were excellent, but it doesn’t justify the length of the two shows, especially considering Raw is three hours long. Let’s hope the WWE works on fixing this next week.

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