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5 Mistakes WWE Made At Super ShowDown 2019

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08 Jun 2019, 07:33 IST

What could WWE have done differently?
What could WWE have done differently?

WWE Super ShowDown was always going to be an event that wrestling fans were not going to go out of their way to watch, but after witnessing the work WWE put into the aesthetics of the event, one can't help but be drawn to the 'glorified house show'.

And if we are being honest here, the match card for the show is pretty must see, and that is for one reason only -- Goldberg vs The Undertaker. So, did this event exceed the expectations people had for it? Well, that depends on what you wanted from the show.

If you were looking for a pay-per-view type feel then WWE definitely delivered that with all the glitz and glam, as they splashed the cash on the show. But, if you fancied some thrilling booking choices then you would feel a bit short-changed, as some of the decision making on the show was not that spectacular.

Therefore, here are a couple of mistakes WWE made at Super ShowDown 2019, and how they could have avoided it.

#1 Shane's Getting The Main Event Treatment

The new top heel of WWE?
The new top heel of WWE?

Shane McMahon's narrative with Roman Reigns has been one of the most tedious things about Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live, as WWE feel that this is a storyline that will help them climb out of the rating crisis they are in right now.

However, the truth about this entire programme is that it is doing nothing for anybody involved. As Drew McIntyre is playing Shane's lackey, Reigns is being wasted, and Shane himself will gain no more heat from putting down a man that many hardcore fans still can't seem to cheer.

Therefore, when Reigns lost to McMahon at this event after McIntyre provided the distraction with a wicked Claymore Kick, fans realised that this feud continuing all the way up to SummerSlam might be the worst thing for WWE TV.

Also, while we at it, Roman losing to a 46-year-old part-timer is just a huge mistake by WWE, as Reigns is so protected to the point, not even the Undertaker can beat him, so why can Shane? It's not a bad thing WWE had Shane win, but it makes no sense in the long term.

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