5 Mistakes WWE should not make with Aleister Black's return at any cost 

Aleister Black's return could be absolutely perfect if booked correctly
Aleister Black's return could be absolutely perfect if booked correctly
Riju Dasgupta

Aleister Black is all set to return to WWE, or so it seemed from the vignette that aired during SmackDown. It does appear as though he has been repackaged into the role of a storyteller, and many comparisons have been made to Far Cry, black metal musicians, and even Tales from the Crypt on social media.

Aleister Black is one of those special athletes who was once touted to be the next Undertaker, and in the case of certain fans, comparisons were even made with Bray Wyatt. WWE cannot afford to botch this unique athlete which is why these 5 mistakes should be avoided.

Be sure to chime in with your thoughts and comments in the section below. Let us know how you would book Aleister Black's big return.

#5 Aleister Black should not lose for a while, following his big WWE return

Consider why Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns feel like special athletes every time they step out. It is not because they hold the WWE and Universal Championships respectively, but they have been protected and hardly ever suffer a loss. Most importantly, the question of who will beat them is paramount on every fan's mind!

Aleister Black should not lose a match for months going forward. He should be an unstoppable force that pulverizes everyone in his path, winning one non-title feud after another until he runs up against a Champion. Apollo Crews could be a very good antagonist for him down the line.

But no, he should not win a title right away (more on this later) but just take down opponent after opponent, maybe even settling his score with Seth Rollins. For him to lose immediately would just make him a less valuable player!

#4 Aleister Black should not be aligned with WWE RAW Superstar Alexa Bliss

WWE may wish to pair Aleister Black with Alexa Bliss now that she is no longer affiliated with Bray Wyatt. This may not be the wisest course of action because while their gimmicks are similar, they are very different!

Yes, both Alexa Bliss and Aleister Black are talented enough to make it work, but somehow this new persona that WWE has bestowed upon the Dutch Destroyer does not seem like it needs a valet. Alexa Bliss is far too gifted a performer to become a manager at this stage of her career, because she may have a great many years of in-ring action left in her.

Aleister Black should go his own way, and if Bliss is to become a manager, she should become one for someone who struggles in terms of promo ability, maybe someone from NXT.

Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt could wage their own war on WWE RAW. At the same time, Aleister Black can do his own thing on SmackDown.

#3 It should be a while before Aleister Black tussles with the WWE Universal Champion

Aleister Black vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship is certainly a fight guaranteed to happen at some point. But it should not happen too soon because there's no chance that Roman Reigns will come up short in such an encounter.

The mistake that WWE made with The Fiend was to put him in a title feud far too soon, long before he was ready, which is why the fiasco at Hell in a Cell with Seth Rollins happened. Aleister Black should build to his WWE Universal Championship spot, maybe later in the year!

For Aleister Black to enter the WWE Universal Championship right away would expose the fact that his character isn't fleshed out enough for the very top spot.

Moreover, it will kill his mystique if Aleister Black comes up short against Roman Reigns. There are enough heels on SmackDown for Black to pick a fight with, before he arrives at the table of the feared Tribal Chief.

#2 Aleister Black should stay away from the WWE SmackDown tag team Championship picture

Aleister Black is just one of those WWE Superstars who should not be paired with another wrestler, at this point in time. Yes, Ricochet and Aleister Black have teamed in the past and yes, it was a pretty fantastic unit, but the new character just screams 'lone wolf'. Due apologies to WWE SmackDown star King Corbin there.

For him to be paired with any other superstar who does not have a dark, ominous persona would just diminish Aleister Black. Yes, The Dutch Destroyer may be incredible in the ring but a lot of his appeal also comes from his almost meditative, ominous, almost fearsome persona. Now imagine how strange it would be to see him teaming up with someone like Daniel Bryan or Cesaro, as great as those stars are!

Aleister Black needs to stand on his own, knocking down one WWE Superstar after another with the Black Mass. Maybe he could become a tag team performer in the future, but not anytime soon.

#1 Aleister Black should not have to wait too long to pick his next WWE fight


Remember how Aleister Black was once the hottest WWE Superstar, with a ton of promise and potential? Well, Sportskeeda's Rick U. had caught up with him back then, and you can check out the interview by clicking on the link above.

As cool as the new Aleister Black vignettes are, the biggest issue with them is that they hark back to his segments in the darkened room. Back then, the Dutch Destroyer urged the locker room to pick a fight with him for weeks on end.

In his current avatar, Aleister Black needs to stop doing that altogether. He is still in a dark room, and because of the nature of the gig, he's soon going to call out members of the roster for a fight. However, this run should be radically different from how the first one was!

Let's hope that this talented athlete gets the time and opportunity to showcase to the WWE universe what he is truly capable of.

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