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5 Most boring feuds in recent WWE history

Shouldn't be too tough to come up with, right? :p

Top 5 / Top 10 09 Jul 2016, 14:42 IST
The bombed twin feud

Storytelling is an art. And this art evolves to the core when it comes to the professional wrestling business. Hitting the right chords with wrestling fans through storytelling requires a lot of effort due to the high demands that the fans have.

At times, WWE manages to please them with great stories but in recent times, a majority of their storylines has fallen short.

Vince McMahon’s idea of PG television, bad writing, and random bookings could be the reason for all these problems, but then again, it is hard to pin point an exact reason. The analysis of the reason could be saved for another day and this time around, let’s take a look at some of the most boring feuds in recent times.

#5 Randy Orton vs. Big Show (2013)

Filler feud turned big

This feud happened almost three years back when The Authority angle was in full force. The heart and soul of the whole thing was Daniel Bryan and his Yes! movement and in between this, WWE tried to shove a feud involving Big Show and Randy Orton down our throats.

Daniel Bryan was so close to winning the WWE championship at the 2013 edition of Battleground but an interference from Big Show cost him the title.

Later, WWE decided to move Bryan away from the championship and filled this slot with Big Show, much to the misery of the fans. Big Show vs. Randy Orton ended up getting the Worst Feud of the year award from Wrestling Observer and it says a lot.

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