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5 most controversial backstage moments in TNA history

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These letters should stand for ‘totally nonsensical’ and ‘asinine’

TNA has been a lightning rod for controversy since its inception. The upstart promotion was once considered a hotspot for rising stars in pro wrestling getting a chance to shine on TV, thus providing an alternative to WWE following the collapse of WCW and ECW

But even then, TNA was criticised routinely for one reason or another, a lot of which had something to do with its backstage personnel and environment. From the very beginning when Jeff Jarrett ran the promotion, there were criticisms that he was using the company as a vehicle for him to use to elevate his own star power and remain relevant in the wrestling industry.

Then, there came an influx of ex-WWE stars who ended up in TNA and were pushed more frequently and more prominently than the homegrown TNA stars. This particular issue became a common thread for many years, with such stars as Lashley, the Main Event Mafia, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan being emphasised over those wrestlers that had never wrestled for Vince’s company.

Then there were all the problems stemming from Dixie Carter’s involvement with the promotion, from her problems with Billy Corgan to her lack of understanding of wrestling in general. Some of these issues are still ongoing, which only further demonstrates how controversial the situation in TNA is.

Here, we’ll look at the five most controversial moments in TNA history that took place backstage, with some of them having serious ramifications on the in-ring situation as well. 

#5 Awesome Kong attacks Reby Sky/Hardy

Awesome Kong didn’t look very awesome after this controversy surfaced.

In February 2016, Awesome Kong, one of the most well-known TNA Knockouts of all time, was released following a backstage incident with Reby Sky (Matt Hardy’s wife). Opposing narratives have emerged, but the prevailing one is that Kong was angry that Reby wanted to change in the Knockouts’ dressing room, having used her own separate dressing room beforehand.

Kong responded first by throwing Reby’s bag out of the locker room. Sky confronted Kong later, and here it’s alleged that Kong attacked Reby and grabbed her by the throat. What was worse was that Reby & Matt’s young son Maxel was nearby, which only made the situation even more tense. The entire situation made Kong and TNA look bad, hence her being released from the company.

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