5 Most likely Opponents for Omos' debut match on WWE RAW

Omos could have a very interesting first match on RAW
Omos could have a very interesting first match on RAW

Thus far, Omos, who has been portrayed as the WWE RAW associate of AJ Styles, has just stood on the sidelines with his imposing figure, not stepping into the ring in actual matches with the active roster.

There will, however, come a point when Omos, all 7+ feet of him, will have to prove that he has what it takes when the bell rings, and we're here to talk about that situation.

Which member of the WWE RAW roster will step into the ring with Omos for his very first outing, one has to wonder, when the time is right. We have made a list of probable contenders for the role, and we invite you to do the same in the comments section below.

We're keeping the conversation limited to WWE RAW for now because Omos could certainly show up in the Royal Rumble to clear the field, but that's a totally different situation.

#5 Could Omos, and AJ Styles tear it up in a WWE RAW match?

There's always the chance that AJ Styles could betray Omos and push him to the point where the big man turns against him. It would potentially lead to an angle between AJ Styles and Omos, much like we saw between Shawn Michaels and Diesel in the 90s. However, a match of this nature shouldn't be Omos' first WWE RAW outing and should be saved for a stage like WrestleMania 37.

However, if such is indeed the plan, AJ Styles is a great first opponent because he can have a great match with just about anyone, even a broomstick.

It just seems too premature to break up Omos and AJ Styles anytime soon, before Omos secures a victory or two under his belt. Hence, let's look at other prospective WWE RAW opponents.

#4 Jaxson Ryker vs. Omos could be an interesting battle of the big men from WWE RAW

There is absolutely nobody on the WWE RAW brand that looks like Omos, but Jaxson Ryker is a physical specimen in his own right. Obviously, he is not nearly as protected as Omos will be once he starts competing, but securing a victory over Jeff Hardy on WWE RAW is still a very big deal.

Could WWE promote a big match between Jaxson Ryker and Omos as the first outing of the gigantic WWE RAW star, as an actual attraction, following the momentum that Ryker attained by defeating Jeff Hardy?

The advantage of such a match is that there will be a seed of doubt in the minds of certain individuals about whether Jaxson Ryker can pull off an upset after seeing him do the same on WWE RAW this week, with Elias' assistance.

And also, Ryker can potentially lose to Omos in a squash, and yet, it won't affect his place in the card, the big man is a special attraction.

#3 Elias and Omos could really have a very interesting pre-match WWE RAW segment

Omos is a monstrous individual, and WWE RAW star Elias could have a field day if he decides to write a song about him. Elias can create such a great amount of heat that by the time he is done, the WWE Universe would want nothing more than to see him laid out on the floor by the babyface that's facing him.

We know that AJ Styles and Elias have been at odds in recent times, and well, Omos looks out for AJ Styles. Styles has also been working as the babyface in the feud against Elias and Jaxson Ryker, meaning that Omos will step into a WWE RAW match against Elias, if it happens, as a babyface too.

Maybe it could be a no-DQ match in which Omos gets over by no-selling guitar shots and other foreign objects, establishing him as the next big star on WWE RAW. Elias would actually be a perfect opponent for someone like Omos, all said and done.

#2 Could WWE RAW star Drew Gulak be fed to Omos for his very first match?

Omos was in AJ Styles' corner on WWE RAW this week, as he took on Drew Gulak, a man with major Royal Rumble 2021 dreams. Unfortunately, Gulak's dreams remained just that, and AJ Styles would end his hopes with a Phenomenal Forearm. It proved something we'd known for a while, that WWE management does not see Drew Gulak as anything more than enhancement talent.

Did you catch the ominous moment on WWE RAW, where Omos' giant foot was seen next to Drew Gulak for a mere second?

It is clear that something is being set up between Drew Gulak, AJ Styles, and Omos, and it could all culminate in an angle where it is Gulak that somehow qualifies for the Royal Rumble 2021 match and eliminates Omos. Alternately, could we see Omos and Drew Gulak in a singles match on WWE RAW, where Omos looks like an absolute beast as he takes Gulak down in his very first WWE match?

#1 A tag team situation on WWE RAW with Omos and AJ Styles, maybe against an established team like Elias and Jaxson Ryker?

Even though everyone wants to see WWE RAW star Omos take his opponents down and smash them into a pulp, we must remember that he is not nearly as seasoned or experienced in the ring as most of the active roster is.

Omos could, therefore, be booked in a tag team match with AJ Styles on WWE RAW, where Styles works the majority of the match as a babyface fighting from underneath. The ideal opponents for AJ Styles and Omos could be Elias and Jaxson Ryker, two men that have a bone to pick with him.

Maybe in due course of time, the duo can also vie for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships against an established team such as The Hurt Business. And maybe Omos and AJ Styles could immediately win the gold too!

Speaking of Elias, do check out what he had to say when he caught up with SK Wrestling a few weeks ago for an exclusive chat.


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