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5 Most Memed WWE Superstars

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The Cenation

Being part of pop culture these days is not just about being on TV Shows or newspaper articles. It’s about being part of social media as well. Social media brings with an array of possibilities.

Be it Youtube, Vines, Gifs or Memes, these platforms extend the entertainment beyond the ring of WWE into everyday conversation. Memes are a hilarious way to reflect upon what we all see unraveling in front of our screens.

An internet meme is a piece of media (mostly a picture accompanied with text) which is circulated amongst people within a culture.

Here are some of the most meme-d wrestlers in the WWE today

# 1 John Cena

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Cena is the biggest money-generator the company has right now, and he’s also the biggest meme generator.

So much meme- lore has been produced for the man who makes a magically quick return from injuries, his 5 moves of doom, his ‘SuperCena’ persona, him kicking out at 2, his face after winning Money In The Bank or that thing where ‘you can’t see’ him.

Cena’s memes are hilarious to the core. Be it getting cheered or jeered, Cena is one polarizing character who does have a unique place in the history of wrestling. Be it his evergreen jorts or the fact that he’s the face that runs the place, his entire character has gained WWE a lot of social media engagement.

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