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5 Most memorable moments in WWE's NXT for November 2016

NXT has proven that they are not only excited about the future, but are set to ensure that the future is now.

The actions of a number of NXT talent last month turned heads

NXT has had an incredibly successful year. The year has seen talent elevated to the main roster, competitive matches during their weekly program and high-quality quarterly Takeover events. NXT has proven that they are not only excited about the future but are set to ensure that the future is now.

Just over the course of the past month, there have been some interesting events that have taken place. In what may be a monthly contribution, we will examine some of the biggest and most notable moments in NXT every month.

While it will not be a straight review, it will highlight occurrences on either their weekly program or a Takeover event that were noteworthy for the fans watching.

Whether it's to discuss a new feud emerging or a confrontation taking place, this will be the place where Sportskeeda readers can come to in order to find out what stood out the most. What was exceptionally memorable this particular month?

In this month's edition, among the most memorable moments are two title changes, a feud emerging, and the growing recognition that a long-standing member of the promotion is receiving. Here are NXT's five most memorable moments for November 2016.

#5 Shinsuke Nakamura losing the NXT championship

Samoa Joe shocked many a fan when he defeated Nakamura at NXT Takeover: Toronto

On Saturday, November 19th, Shinsuke Nakamura defended his NXT championship against the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe. The match result not only caught fans off guard, but it stunned them. There had been a great deal of build put into the lead-up to this one-on-one rematch for the NXT championship.

After Nakamura won the championship, and Samoa Joe came to the ring during his celebratory promo, fans were led to believe that a gracious former champion had come to applaud the new champion. But fans witnessed a swerve as he attacked Nakamura, putting him on the shelf.

The story was that Nakamura was hurt, and Joe started decimating the roster, demanding either Nakamura or the title, or he would continue his rampage. During the rematch on the 19th, fans were treated to a hard-hitting affair between the two that was stiff and intense.

The back and forth battle spilt onto the floor, where the referee didn't see a low blow by Joe. Joe took the wounded Nakamura and slammed him onto the steel steps. He then proceeded to roll Nakamura into the ring and hit him with the muscle buster.

Samoa Joe shocked the NXT universe by becoming the first ever two-time NXT champion.

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