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5 most shocking Survivor Series eliminations

At Survivor Series, where so many elements are in play, anybody can win or lose out of nowhere. Sometimes it can be extremely shocking.

The Undertaker
We never saw that coming!With the 31st annual Survivor Series less than one week away, excitement is building for a night that could be full of surprises up and down the card. There have been plenty of surprising and shocking moments over the past three decades of WWE’s November tradition.

Sometimes it’s a return or a victory you don’t expect. Sometimes it’s a little more nuanced, like a specific wrestler getting eliminated from a match that you would never have thought would have happened. That’s what we’re going to talk about here. These are the five more shocking eliminations in Survivor Series history.

#5 John Cena (Survivor Series 2014)

Survivor Series 2014
Team Cena vs. Team Authority

The 2014 Survivor Series pay-per-view is remembered for the official WWE debut of The Icon Sting, a shocking experience in its own right. But it’s also remembered for the gutsy performance by Dolph Ziggler, who ended up overcoming the odds and helping his team defeat The Authority, winning the match as the sole survivor. Most people thought this would be the star-making performance for Ziggler, who would finally be getting his push to the top, but that fizzled out very quickly and he soon found himself back in the same mid-card spot that he has continued to hold to this day.

The shocking elimination was John Cena. It was Cena’s team going up against The Authority. He was the main star, the top guy on the roster, leading a team of soldiers against the evil corporation… and he lost. His team won, sure, thanks to Ziggler, but Cena, the defender of WWE and the guy who always wins in the end, actually got pinned.

It took The Big Show turning his back on his own teammate to do it, but it was shocking that Cena wouldn’t be the guy defending WWE from the tyranny. It also left Dolph Ziggler alone in a 3-on-1 match for a full 20 minutes before he was able to pull out the miraculous victory. The elimination is even more shocking because if there was no plan to push Ziggler, why not just have him get eliminated and have Cena overcome the odds like always?

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