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5 most underappreciated WWE Superstars on the current roster

J. Carpenter
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03 Dec 2018, 23:06 IST

What's next for the Eater of Worlds?
What's next for the Eater of Worlds?

WWE has 2 main rosters full of some of the very best talents in the entire world. From top-to-bottom, WWE offers something for everyone, regardless of what type of Superstar you prefer. With that said, there are obviously some of those stars who slide through the cracks somehow and for one reason or another, they are overlooked or perhaps not given a creative opportunity that they may otherwise deserve.

In today's column, we take a quick look at 5 current WWE Superstars who definitely deserve better. Maybe they are the product of bad timing, maybe an injury threw them off-track or maybe it's simply a matter of poor booking decisions on behalf of WWE's creative minions. No matter the reasoning, there are a few WWE Superstars that are grossly underrated and highly underappreciated. Who are some of the current RAW and/or Smackdown Live Superstars that you feel are being neglected by the men in suits? Here's a look at the 5 WWE Superstars who are the most underappreciated.

#5 Curtis Axel

There's still some untapped potential here.
There's still some untapped potential here.

It's been quite some time since Curtis Axel got his break and made his developmental debut with FCW back in 2007. But if you can recall, there was a ton of buzz surrounding the signing of this third-generation superstar and a lot of hope that he might just be able to mirror some of his father's legendary skills. Unfortunately, the road has been pretty rocky for Axel since he made his main roster debut as a member of The Nexus in 2010.

While some may suggest that Axel simply did not inherit his dads' gene of perfection, I would like to opt for another possible hurdle that has stood in the way of Curtis surging to the top, which would be the lack of quality booking and minimal creative love shown by WWE's powers that be.

I'm fully aware that many, if not most of my readers will probably not agree with my sentiment towards the Ax-Man and I can certainly understand why a fan would not be in Axel's corner. After all, he's not the most charismatic WWE Superstar by any stretch of the imagination. However, I still firmly believe that Curtis has a plethora of untapped potential and if given the proper opportunity, we may all be surprised at what he actually accomplishes. What do we have to lose?

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