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5 names that could help create the perfect new Wyatt Family

Building for the future!

Bray Wyatt will need to recruit new soldiers soon

I can still remember that epic promo Bray Wyatt delivered to the NXT crowd on his final night before The Wyatt Family left for the main roster. During that promo, he had stated:

"There are three types of men in this world- those who dream and never make it off the couch, there are those who fail and then there are those who change the landscape of this world."

Since making their main roster debut, The Wyatt Family has managed to remain relevant, but some might argue that they've yet to get that true, monster, dominating push that they really deserve.

The potential for what can be done with such a magically creative group is immense and it's mind boggling what they can do, if given the right opportunity.

Nonetheless, The Wyatts have certainly left their mark and what they're doing now with Randy Orton in the fold, it's incredible to watch. However, it's obvious that Orton cannot remain behind Bray forever.

Let's just be honest for a moment, Orton is a main event star and he knows it. I mean, there's no shame in sharing tag titles with Bray Wyatt, but Randy is a 12-time world champion and eventually, his hunger for the singles spotlight is going to supersede his willingness to help The Wyatt Family remain dominant.

After all, plans are currently in place for Orton to take some time off soon, to spend time with his newborn daughter and family, so there's a good chance that we will soon see yet another shake-up with The Wyatt Family.

With this in mind, there's talk of reforming The Shield in 2017 as well. If that is the case, there will be a gigantic shadow covering The Wyatts and in order to make sure that they're not lost in the shuffle, there will need to be changes and changes in a major way.

In this scenario, The Shield and possibly The Club will both be back together and will be stronger than ever. That's a lot of butts for a table with not a lot of seats. Bray will need to hunt down some like-minded henchmen who are willing to stray as far into the crazy as Bray does and they will need to be relentless as well.

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Let us also assume that Harper is off on a singles run as well, which is a highly possible scenario. If so, The Wyatt Family will be needing a complete overhaul and that brings me to the meat of this article. 

Who is out there that Bray may adopt into his distinct band of righteous brothers? Is there now a need to bring a female into the Family? Should Bray seek out someone who has been deserted and forgotten, from the bowels of NXT? The questions are aplenty, but the mission remains the same... taking down the machine. 

I have thought very carefully about who fits and who doesn't. As a die-hard fan of The Wyatt Family, I am as emotionally invested in this faction as anyone on the planet. I want to see Bray win a major singles championship, but just as much, I'd love to see those who go to war under his watch do well too.

So, without further ado, here are five possible wrestlers to join Bray and create the best and most dominating version of The Wyatt Family ever.

#5 Eric Young 

No one matches Bray's demonic nature quite like Eric Young

This former TNA World Champion is already lighting NXT on fire with his faction known as Sanity.

Some may question this pick, simply because it puts Sanity on the outside, looking in. Well, Sanity isn't a stable that I believe will ever see daylight on the main roster. The top two, in Young and Nikki are both great, but there are a lot of holes in the faction after that.

Now that Damo has joined, it makes them a lot more dangerous, but Damo is destined for singles success beyond anything Sanity may have to offer.

Simply put, it makes better sense to give Sanity a few more good months and then have them disband. Eric Young can then join The Wyatt Family. Then, if a turn of events causes Young to leave The Wyatt Family, there would be another storyline waiting for him by reforming Sanity.

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