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5 new factions Bray Wyatt could form within WWE

Are we going to see a new Bray Wyatt?
Gary Cassidy
Modified 08 Sep 2018
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So, it's been a while since we've seen Bray Wyatt on WWE television and, with Matt Hardy's retirement rumoured and the Woken One seemingly stepping into a backstage role within the company, it looks like the Eater of Worlds may be off television for a little while longer while he finds himself, so to speak.

If you follow the buzzards, and more literally follow the former WWE Champion on Twitter, you may have noticed a recent tweet in which Wyatt saying he's going away, but will be back with a cryptic photo of a list of the ten best factions of all time. Notably, The Wyatt Family were absent, and Nexus were on the list, but minus Wyatt's Husky Harris character. The Shield, Wyatt's old foes, top the list.

Speculation was rife when Matt Hardy chucked his foe-turned-friend into the Lake of Reincarnation that Wyatt may re-emerge as a different beast. To some extent, he did. While Wyatt looked the same, he became a Woken Warrior and sided with his once great rival.

This time, though, things look a little different. Before Wyatt's rivalry and subsequent tag team with Matt Hardy, The Eater of Worlds' character was arguably becoming a little stale. Through no fault of his own, of course, but rather that of a dominant character being booked to lose almost every feud he was in. Actually, when Wyatt won the WWE Championship, it was a sight to behold that almost no-one could have predicted. Sadly, losing it very shortly after saw normal service resume in the singles career of Wyatt.

It seems that Wyatt may finally be due for a change, though, and most likely that of a new faction - but how will he return, and who might he be aligned with?

Well, I have a few ideas, and here they are...

#5 The original Wyatt Family reforms

Could the ori
Could the original family be shuffled?

Well, let's start with the obvious. If Wyatt returns to WWE television as part of a faction, The Wyatt Family are a stick-on. With the former WWE Champions' tweet, you'd have to imagine that he was either upset with not being on the list, or rather upset at who topped the list.

The Wyatt Family are one of The Shield's oldest foes - and undoubtedly the most familiar to the WWE Universe, but could they return under the old dynamic?

With Braun Strowman now the top dog when it comes to Wyatt Family alumni, Wyatt may have to take a backseat to Strowman, and that doesn't seem particularly likely. There would almost definitely be a new dynamic if The Wyatt Family were to reform nowadays and, with the other two former members doing relatively well before one was shelved due to injury.

Harper and Rowan splitting off to become the Bludgeon Brothers - potentially WWE's most dominant tag teams in history - was a move not many saw coming, but it has worked. It's quite hard to think that the pair would be on their way back to the Wyatt Family, but Bray's mysterious powers could very well entice them.


If the Wyatts were to reform to face The Shield, it would probably be a very different Family to that of the previous rivalries, but with Rowan sidelined, Strowman very well could call on Bray Wyatt, not the other way around, and Harper if he needs fresh partners for his current fight against the Hounds of Justice. Otherwise, Wyatt may pick up the pieces when Braun is finished with Roman.

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Published 08 Sep 2018, 02:30 IST
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