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5 New Theme Songs for 5 WWE Stars

Riju Dasgupta
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77.24K   //    13 Oct 2016, 16:02 IST
And all of our picks are ‘Rock’ songs

Music is an integral part of the WWE Universe. When a superstar’s music hits and he/she makes their way to the ring, it sets the mood for the segment or match that follows.

Remember how you marked out for the Texas Rattlesnake when the glass shattered and he made his way down to the ring, accompanied by the rear end kicking distorted guitar riffs? Or how you want to sing along to Shinsuke Nakamura’s theme music every time it hits?

We at Sportskeeda are big fans of music as well, and realise its importance in developing characters that captivate audiences worldwide. So, this is a fun exercise we decided to do. These are some alternative theme songs that can enhance the persona of our favourite WWE superstars. Let’s go on this journey, and check out these slammin’ hits.

#5 Dean Ambrose- Madhouse (Anthrax)

Dean Ambrose has been playing a lunatic on screen for a while now, but the effect has been rather underwhelming. Although he claims he belongs to the Ambrose Asylum, we haven’t seen enough to warrant absolutely any irrational behaviour. 

What better theme for him than this classic from the thrash metal legends- Anthrax, from their 1985 album ‘Spreading the Disease’? 

Not only does the chaos of the song create a much more intriguing character for the man as opposed to his straightforward biker-rock theme; it also gives the audience a hook to sing along to the infectious chorus (no pun intended, we swear).

The words- ‘It's a madhouse, or so they’s a madhouse, oh am I insane?’ would be crazier than any behaviour we’ve seen from Dean Ambrose, since his debut on the main roster, truth be told. 

The Ambrose Asylum could use some heavy metal
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