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5 of the best custom WWE title belts

Daniel Massey
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One of the most famous custom WWE belts — The Smokin
One of the most famous
WWE belts — The Smokin' Skull belt

WWE has produced some historic title belts in its history, but as beautiful as some of them have been, the custom ones always get people talking and spike the interest in that particular championship.

A recent example of this would be when Kalisto recently posted a picture on Instagram where the strap of the Cruiserweight Championship looked black. It wasn’t, but it got people talking. As much as wrestling fans detest change, they love a new belt.

Custom belts are even more special owing to the fact that there have not been many since the WWE started. They generate interest and lead to more merchandise sales as fans clamour to have the replica of the rare design.

WWE have even capitalised on this with The New Day's custom WWE Tag Team Championships available in the WWE Shop, despite them never appearing on television.

It’s cool to see different takes on championship belts. I’m a big fan of the sideplates that the main championships now have as every champion now gets his own spin on the belt.

This article will take a look at 5 of the best custom belts that have been produced for WWE, whether it be for a mid-card title or the most prestigious one in the company.

#5 Goldust's Golden Intercontinental Championship Belt

Goldmember would love this belt.
Goldmember would love this belt.

Goldust is a fantastic character even to this day. Despite how wacky he has been in the past, I won’t forget how perverse and weird he was when he first debuted in the WWE. If anything, the character was way ahead of the times with the social views on gender and drag queens compared to how it would be received now.

He was built properly and became over with the crowd. He feuded with Razor Ramon and ended up capturing the Intercontinental Championship at the 1996 Royal Rumble. He held the title until the 1996 King of the Ring, with a slight period where it was vacant due to a no contest, but it was essentially a 6-month run with the mid-card belt.


It was during this time that Goldust actually had the belt re-leathered ala Ultimate Warrior in a wonderful gold colour. It truly did look special. Unfortunately, it did not really last long and pictures of it are rare. Unless you were watching the programming at the time, you probably wouldn’t even know about it.

Now you’ve read this slide though, you’ll never forget the belt of… Goldust.

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