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5 of the best custom WWE title belts

Daniel Massey
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#3 The Rock's Brahma Bull WWF Championship Belt

A belt made
A belt made for The People's Champion

I’m breaking the rules slightly here as this belt actually never made it to television, but it is one of the nicest custom belts that the WWE has ever produced.

WWE put a lot of faith into The Rock when he became WWF Champion. He had had a rocky road (no pun intended) after his debut with the crowd not taking to him at all.

It was a lot like the Roman Reigns situation nowadays, but Rocky fed off this and turned into pretty much the perfect heel, before eventually turning the crowd to his side with his charismatic, funny promos.

I’ve heard a lot of stories as to why The Rock’s custom belt never made it to television such as it getting lost in the post, but in January of 2017, Bruce Prichard revealed the reason was that The Rock actually dropped the WWF Championship before it was even ready.

A closer look at the main design.

They just never used it after that. The belt was beautiful. It was a large gold design with The Rock’s Brahma Bull design in 3d on the front, with red eyes, really complementing the gold disc. The bull is even pulling off The People's Eyebrow in a nice touch! It’s literally one of the most delightful belts I’ve ever had the pleasure of casting my eyes across.

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