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5 of the best true male babyfaces in WWE

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AJ Styles has been a fighting champion

For most professional wrestlers, portraying a heel is a hell of a lot more entertaining for them than portraying a babyface.

While the good guys tend to do better when it comes to merch sales, the heels are given more creative freedom to express themselves in ways that get them over with the crowd.

In WWE, the same thing rings true, which is why so many babyface characters talk about turning to the dark side in interviews.

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However, there are still a handful of performers who deserve to be recognised for their great babyface work.

Not all of them are bonafide main event stars, and some of them may not ever reach that level, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still great at what they do.

The criteria are simple: the entries are all babyfaces, who get positive reactions in a non-ironic way and also seem like great guys outside of the ring. With that being said, here are five of the best true male babyfaces in WWE.

#1 AJ Styles

When AJ Styles first came to WWE, his reaction at the 2016 Royal Rumble alone should’ve let the world know that we were in for something special.

In the two years since then, however, The Phenomenal One has been able to exceed all expectations through his determination, in-ring prowess and surprisingly impressive character work.


Nobody could’ve anticipated just how successful he’d be, and even when he turned heel, it was obvious that his natural alignment was to be a good guy.

The sign of a true hero is when he can carry the WWE Championship for a long period of time and still garner positive reactions, and AJ has that down to a tee. While others have suffered courtesy of sometimes harsh crowd responses, Styles just continued to get better and better to the point where people just couldn’t ignore his greatness. He may be in his 40s now, but if he carries on doing what he’s doing, we could easily see him carrying on at the top of the card for another few years.

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